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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The Bombay Flying Club is a government recognized institute in western India imparting “AME” Course in Mechanical & Avionics stream. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is a 3 years course divided into 6 Semester. Initial 5 Semester consist of theoretical & practical training and last or 6th Semester consist of only practical on-job-training. Our three years training programme prepares and enables students to appear in the paper 1,2 and 3 of the DGCA exam and acquire BAMEL license. Students are required to pass the semester exams of this institute to be appear for basic license exam (BAMEL). 

As per government concern aircraft can be released for flying only after being certified by suitable qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Practical training consist of Line and Major Maintenance of aircraft and its component.Looking at today’s global expansion in aviation sector the future will offer immerse job opportunities to aircraft maintenance engineers in Airlines, Corporate sector and training academies of India & abroad.

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